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For I - I - am the laziest ever in all the world.

So, s'up world! It's been over a year, I guess I should, you know, write something. (hahafail oh goodnes)

Stuff! )

There! The most bare-bones, incoherent summary of the last year and a half possible.

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Like I can make 3m in a month...!

Maybe I can save enough for a harness, though, I dunno. Does she even want one?

... Yeah, I am totally clueless. :\ I MISS THE DAYS OF BARD. SHEEEEEP.

Least everything's almost sold. I should go and get that last memory remnant. I would be all excited about how much gil I have, but then I remember most of it's shared funds. Bummer...

(It's not like it's even that much! Argh, I need to pin down a reliable source of funding!)
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I am really sick of putting things across multiple channels! You all know where the other one is, go look there if you really want! Bleh!

A bit of stress! )

I'm really liking my new dagger! I used my old one for what felt like forever, though I know I've used other ones longer, but still. I was really used to it...! The new one isn't that different, but now that I'm used to it, it's definitely a little better. Not, like, hugely so. But definitely better! I can swing it faster, anyway. Whatever.

I had a linkshell for a while! Then it died! Then I had another one! Everyone dropped out and someone said it was 'on break' so I stopped wearing it. AND THEN I HAD NO LINKSHELL FOR MONTHS. It sucked.

And then I finally got another one. It, uh. I don't know! Died! Somehow! I was asleep, and when I woke up, it was broken. Beats me. I've seen one of the people from it running around recently, but it's been a while now, so I haven't asked him. He probably doesn't remember me, anyway.

But now I'm in Aniko's social 'shell, which is pretty cool. This is totally weird, but it's lead by a guy I met waaay back when I started Adventuring! He was in the first party I was ever in! I wanna say he was the leader. We went out to La Theine and had our faces rearranged by an akbaba. hee. Haven't asked him if he remembers me. Highly doubt he would. Still, that's pretty cool that he's still around.

(Speaking of Ani, she totally gave me some awesome stuff pretty recently. THREE CHEERS.)

Agate's been retired a while now. I never really said anything on that, 'cause I was pretty upset for a while. I still miss her lots, but I call her out and we go riding, which is cool. She always looks happy, so I guess they're taking good care of her, but still... Not the same, you know? She's my little girl! I wanna go visit her and take her on walks, or tell her stories when she's sick or hurt!
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Her chocobo! HER POOR CHOCOBO!


I'm making her take care of it again, but, oh, you guys, the poor thing! It was just... it's so sad! It's heartbroken! It sits in its stall and trembles and cries and I just I started crying it was too awful.

I know she didn't mean for this but I just I just i just guys i just. I can't even imagine doing that to Agate even unintentionally I just.

I want to hug him and pet him and tell him he's gonna be okay and everything's gonna be okay, but he doesn't know me or trust me, but at least Nab's going back again.

I am seriously shocked Hantileon didn't, like, maim her or something.
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SEE MY MAD DANCIN' SKILLZ. Though, I note, you all got your own, too, hee.

Those idiots in Norg, who I should not be speaking such of as they will undoubtedly tie my tail in a knot, have finally decided to share their sneaky, sneaky stealth with us lowly adventurers.

I can be quiet-walky now. YAY ME! Now I can hang up my mage hat. Or possibly set it on fire. Using the fireplace, not my own skills. Because I kind of have a notable lack of those.

ANYWAY, been helping Nabi out a bit, getting items! FUN. (CONGRATULATE HER.) I am back in Konschtat hunting sheep-like creatures again. I keep looking at the sheep. We are supposed to be looking for rams. It is a bit annoying and I feel very silly!

Also, I have been spending a bit of time over in Al Zahbi! It's kind of cool, since I got mercenary status! Naja scares me witless, though. Stay away from her. The Beastmen - as you all know, yes? - invade town pretty regularly, so we ADVENTURERS OF AWESOME show up and help beat them back away! It's kind of terrifying, but kind of fun! I nearly get killed a lot.

Also, I bought new pants.



Oct. 16th, 2006 11:33 pm
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So, uh... it's not summer anymore! Good to see we're all up to so much around here. eheh.

The Harvest Festival's coming up soon, guys! I hear that they've got a new event for it, so now you can get pumpkin hats and bat staves and pitchforks and maybe even something else, plus play a game! Winning all around!

...I really like the taste in the air around San d'Oria this time of year. Crisp and cool, but without that bite it gets around winter. ... Fresh, I guess. Man, I sound like Ayarei or something!

So, yeah! Hope to see you guys around in a few days for the festival! It's been too long since we all got together and made total idiots of ourselves. :D

Also, met a nice person a while ago. She was lost or something. Also, she had pretty flowers. :3


May. 7th, 2006 12:12 am
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Haha, guess I can't complain about you guys never saying anything, since I'm just faster than both of you! Both of you combined, even!! >D



The whole thing was a lot of fun! ^^ I borrowed an outfit from Nabiki, since I don't have anything nice (and don't look good in any of the nice stuff, anyway. @_@) and since Ayarei was wearing the chain mail (which is like the only nice thing any of us own). Ki looks good in anything, but I still think it's funny that she wore her regular outfit. ^_^

So we all gathered outside the Tanner's Guild in South San d'Oria and stuff, and then we formed two lines and walked up to the Manor back there and sat on the grass... I ended up next to Nabiki.

The ceremony was your usual wedding-thing and stuff. Then we all went to Aht Urhgan to the hostel!

There were a lot of us there. I think at least eighteen. More, even! But we all got lots of really, really good food and desserts and drinks! Then we all hung out and acted like idiots! It was fun! XD

So, yes! Congrats, you two! Even though I don't really know Shadowfox! ^_^;
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So you've all heard by now, but wow, I am still kind of surprised. Who all is going to be at the ceremony tomorrow, anyway? I know I will be there, and Aya and Ki, of course. I think Nabi is, as well. Probably Onai, too? Obviously Aniko will be there!

I have to find a Dangruf stone. Then I need to get back to San d'Oria!

And find something. I don't own anything nice! And I need many nice things! ahaha, and I need a thing. @_@


aaack I gotta go get stuff done! ack ack ack
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"I'm sending out my last mssges to all my friends in game. Quitting in a couple of days. Im gonna miss hearing the lot of us babble in ls.

I'll still be calling Ani, but I can't be there to constantly encourage her anymore. Take care of her and urself. bye byez"

Noooo! He's leaving! Who will pursue the laughing monkeys with a vengeance now?! Who will randomly announce things over the LS?!

Pastey, we will all miss you...! ;-;
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I have ginger cookies x2. :3

GRR at mean person who tried to hurt Nabi! You are officially on my "I don't LIKE you!" list, and you'll never come off it. Stupidhead. Ecartman. >_> grr

Aaaaaya, guess who I saw today? XD


Jun. 13th, 2005 11:50 pm
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I almost forgot to say this today.

New person! Her name is Nehima! She's another Elvaan. She's very new.



Jun. 30th, 2004 01:19 pm
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Saito's wandered off doing stuff...? Haven't seen him in a while. Heard he's in Windurst.

But I met someone named Nabiki and she's a friend of his, and she gave me a linkpearl that's a pretty color.

Also, I got her to give one to Aya, too. Hee...

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I met a new person today! She's Elvaan, but she's never been here (San d'Oria) and she was kinda lost, so I helped her out. =^.^= Her name's Ayarei, I ... think. Um, yeah?

Anyway, she seems nice, even though she talks like an Elvaan (they talk funny! XD)



Nov. 6th, 2003 06:39 pm
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Uum... I'm so lost. x.x

San d'Oria is huge! I mean, I knew it'd be big, but WOAH! I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing! ;_;

But I met an Elvaan from around here (I guess?) named Saito who seems to have a good idea of what's going on, so he helped me out a little. I mean, at least I found my new home, right? ...I'd never seen a moogle before. I don't know what to make of him. Her? It??

Um, yeah. Yeah. 18 (today!) and starting out as an Adventurer. Wah. What the heck was I thinking??

...I met the princes shortly after arriving. I, um.... they're kinda weird...

There's no furniture in this Mog House. I guess my first order of business will be to buy myself a bed of some sorts. Everything is so expensive, though! Saito did show me to some townsfolk who offered to pay me if I helped them out a little...

Ugh. I hope I get the hang of this soon. I hate feeling like an idiot all the time.



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