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To any decent level of proficiency:
Smithing: 600K to 1M
Woodworking: 200K to 1M
Leathercraft: 300K to 500K
Goldsmithing: 800k to 2M, ~4M+
Cooking: 50K to 150K
Clothcraft: ~250K
Bonecraft: ~300K
Alchemy: 150K to 400K

Hisime says...

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Yeah. I have to get the stupid keys.... Actually, I do already have one of them, but never mind that. I'm not quiet strong enough to run off to the jungles and all, but I'm close enough to worry about it. ...yesh....yesh, I am.....

Anyway, I'm going to try and enlist Nabiki... I helped her get her keys, Nabiki can help me get mine. Fair is fair...... yeah, she'll help me. Whoo-hoo! Now I just need to pick a craft skill and maybe start to think about what I want my jobs to be.

I can't cook or fish, because cooking is Nabiki's thing, and fishing is Ziedrich's thing. Then Nabiki's also going to start with lumber, and Zied's gonna go cloth. Really, I might do one of those, but those two are POSSESSIVE of their jobs! They had a huge argument one day because Nabi was mad because cooking was "her" thing, and Zied had practiced a little cooking....

This leaves me with smithing, bonecraft, goldsmithing, leathercraft, and alchemy. According to Nabi, smithing is needed on one level or another for pretty much everything left to me, so I'll probably work on that at least a little. But I have no idea what to actually do. Hm.



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