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For I - I - am the laziest ever in all the world.

So, s'up world! It's been over a year, I guess I should, you know, write something. (hahafail oh goodnes)

Lessee... what have I been wasting time doing...? I BEAT MAAT. That's pretty recent, though. (BUT I BEAT HIM!) When did that even start? (See, this is why we wanted to keep records. Oops...) Hm. Oh! Nabiki went on a fishing binge and went kind of completely out of her mind on first moat carp and then bhefhel marlins, and then she bought a Mercurial Kris. AND THEN SHE RESOLD IT and disappeared for a bit (to recover sanity, I guess? Even if that wasn't the intended goal, that's what happened.)


Hmm. Did more crazy errand running for / with Prishe and Ulmia and all them, as well as lots of running around in the crystal war, and it's all madness that I'm still not sure I'm clear on and so am not going to discuss just yet. Also an alternate dimension is trying to eat us. ABYSSEA! THEY HAVE NO SKY. wtf, keep it away. It's so weird that it's, I mean. It's Vana'diel and it looks basically the same and all the mobs and everything is ALL THE SAME but they call is Abyssea. And also Promathia had his way, and also RED SKY and hoardes of strange creatures. But, I mean, aside from the apocalypse having happened, it's the same. There are even the same townspeople! Not all of them (some of them are dead I am pretty sure), and some that I don't think exist here, but, man, it's trippy. Friggin' cavernous maws. Nothing but trouble. If they're not sending you back in time (or... something, oh, man, what is even going on with this crystal war crap), they're spitting you into alternate realities where you can become assimilated and never able to return home. (It's scary!) (Okay, to be fair, since that problem was discovered, they've managed to invent some fail-safes for it. Thank goodness. But man, poor folks who got trapped. Even if Abyssea IS hell now, it's still their home, you know? AND WE'RE WORKING ON THAT HELL BIT.) (I... don't think anyone from Vana'diel got stuck there? Man, talk about suck.)

OTHER THINGS: I WON THE MOG BONANZA. Well, almost. Rank 2! And Aya won Rank 3. Good summer, that one. Of course, neither of us really have anything to show for it (well - but I'm getting to that) since we both picked items we didn't need. She sold her prize, then gave Nabiki the gil for a pair of boots she'd been eying (they are really nice boots...), and in return, Nabiki loaned me the gil to buy a Blau Dolch! oh, pretty blue dagger. you are mine, finally. :3 And then I picked a pair of boots, too, which I then sold to Aniko for 4 million less than I could've bazaar'd 'em for. And then she took all her stuff and all her gil and retired, so I am actually kind of sore about that. I COULD HAVE USED THE GIL. GRARG!

(But! Oh! For last winter's New Year bonanza, I won a love torque. I AM ALL SET TO GO, GUYS.)

What else... oh, the world ended! But nothing actually came of it! Well, aside from making the doom-sayers even more fun to poke than they already were.

I made new friends! And dug up some old ones. Ziedrich is off living in a cave somewhere! Who knew?! He crawled out for a bit, but has since gone off again. Why do I know some many people who run off to live in seclusion? It's kind of funny and kind of really bizarre... Shadowlotus, Crytuf, Grozoth, Caagen, Zkull, Ziedrich, Nehima, Kurakuni, Pastey, Aniko... it goes on and on... weirdos.

Anyway, Nabiki and Icana and Alteisen and I had a lot of fun tearing up Vana'diel all summer, killing things and finding awesome stuff and all, but they keep it low-key the rest of the year, so it's just me and Aya and Ki these days (again). And Aya doesn't do much either, let's be honest. XD (WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY, AYA ♥ )

SO, my plans for now are to work on my Dragoon-y-ness (I HAVE A WYVERN HER NAME IS KHOCHA SHE IS ADORABLE, and skewering things with a polearm is a hell of a lot more fun that I'd thought it would be. Nothing tops daggers, though) (and maybe a few other skill-sets, as well!) and beat the crap out of some Abyssean swarms aaaand maybe run some quests for folk, 'cause that's always fun.

...And also try to figure out this Crystal War time-travel cavernous maw wtf stuff.




There! The most bare-bones, incoherent summary of the last year and a half possible.

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