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I am really sick of putting things across multiple channels! You all know where the other one is, go look there if you really want! Bleh!

So, I'm moving to Bastok sometime in the near-ish future! I'm really nervous. I can't wait to see what it's like there! I mean, I've visited it a lot, but visiting a place and actually being counted among their number, that's kind of different! Like I know the Elvaan in San d'Oria treat you way different if you're not one of "their" Adventurers. I bet that's true for Bastok and Windurst, too!

I don't really plan on being there long, just, you know, to see what it's like. A little. Because, let's be honest, we all know I don't like Bastok that much. It kinda smells funny, and it doesn't really look that nice. Plus I'm just not as fond of the general layout of things!

I know, I know, I learned my way all over San d'Oria first, so of course I like it best, right? I dunno. Windurst's so HUGE, I still have to look at my map sometimes when I'm over there. (I PLAN ON VISITING WINDURST AS A CITIZEN SOMETIME, TOO.) Also, Windurst is full of Tarutaru, who are short, and who talk funny, and who like to make threats.

I don't even know where everything in Bastok is!

... I wonder if they'll let me back beyond that one guard in the mines once I sign on under them.....

I'm really liking my new dagger! I used my old one for what felt like forever, though I know I've used other ones longer, but still. I was really used to it...! The new one isn't that different, but now that I'm used to it, it's definitely a little better. Not, like, hugely so. But definitely better! I can swing it faster, anyway. Whatever.

I had a linkshell for a while! Then it died! Then I had another one! Everyone dropped out and someone said it was 'on break' so I stopped wearing it. AND THEN I HAD NO LINKSHELL FOR MONTHS. It sucked.

And then I finally got another one. It, uh. I don't know! Died! Somehow! I was asleep, and when I woke up, it was broken. Beats me. I've seen one of the people from it running around recently, but it's been a while now, so I haven't asked him. He probably doesn't remember me, anyway.

But now I'm in Aniko's social 'shell, which is pretty cool. This is totally weird, but it's lead by a guy I met waaay back when I started Adventuring! He was in the first party I was ever in! I wanna say he was the leader. We went out to La Theine and had our faces rearranged by an akbaba. hee. Haven't asked him if he remembers me. Highly doubt he would. Still, that's pretty cool that he's still around.

(Speaking of Ani, she totally gave me some awesome stuff pretty recently. THREE CHEERS.)

Agate's been retired a while now. I never really said anything on that, 'cause I was pretty upset for a while. I still miss her lots, but I call her out and we go riding, which is cool. She always looks happy, so I guess they're taking good care of her, but still... Not the same, you know? She's my little girl! I wanna go visit her and take her on walks, or tell her stories when she's sick or hurt!


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