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Her chocobo! HER POOR CHOCOBO!


I'm making her take care of it again, but, oh, you guys, the poor thing! It was just... it's so sad! It's heartbroken! It sits in its stall and trembles and cries and I just I started crying it was too awful.

I know she didn't mean for this but I just I just i just guys i just. I can't even imagine doing that to Agate even unintentionally I just.

I want to hug him and pet him and tell him he's gonna be okay and everything's gonna be okay, but he doesn't know me or trust me, but at least Nab's going back again.

I am seriously shocked Hantileon didn't, like, maim her or something.


Jan. 31st, 2007 11:43 pm
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I'm just not feeling up to it anymore, guys. I'm really sorry. I've gotta take a break before I give up altogether. Maybe it's just the weather. Maybe it's some of the stupid people I've had to deal with recently. Maybe it's something else entirely. I'd rather not talk about it too much.

I'm gonna check out the Valentione event, but after that, I'm gonna head back to San d'Oria, check back into my Mog House, and just... I don't know. Not come out for a while. If you really need me, you can probably figure out how to contact me, right? There's right here, there's mail...

A little while ago, Nabi and I decided to go out together and do some stuff. We didn't do much, of course, just went out and partied a bit. Got some new daggers, though, which is always nice. They're kind of curvy. Bone knives. Nice and sharp. I'll probably need to get some new armor soon, though.

People have started to mention that Maat guy. You know, the one up in Ru'Lude Gardens? He tests you and stuff. I wonder... I mean, I don't think - I really, really don't think - I'm ever going to be worthy enough of notice. I'm probably never going to have to face him in any way. It's, heh... kind of nice to imagine, though, isn't it?

I dunno. See y'all later.
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"I'm sending out my last mssges to all my friends in game. Quitting in a couple of days. Im gonna miss hearing the lot of us babble in ls.

I'll still be calling Ani, but I can't be there to constantly encourage her anymore. Take care of her and urself. bye byez"

Noooo! He's leaving! Who will pursue the laughing monkeys with a vengeance now?! Who will randomly announce things over the LS?!

Pastey, we will all miss you...! ;-;


Nov. 22nd, 2005 05:29 am
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I'm stuck in the Phomiuna Aqueducts? >_<

See, um. o.o

The things outside the door will hurt me. A lot. But I'm inside the room, and I can use the passage to get to the other half of the room, but... I can't really get out. um. I have a scroll of warping, though! So, I mean, I can get out, but... hidden somewhere in this room is a map of this place. >.> I want it. But I can't find it. The Fomor are starting to freak me out; it's scary-silent, even with the Fomor Bards playing away on their... undead harps? I don't even know what you'd call that. I mean, they're not going to attack me - they definitely would have done that already if they were going to.

In the other half of the room, there's this switch that opens a hidden door (lots of hidden doors around here o.O), but if I go through the door, I won't be able to get back into the safety of this room, because there's no way to open it from the other side. I know, 'cause when there were a bunch of us here, someone got stuck on the other side and we had to open it for him. Also, I have no idea where I am in relation to anything and I only have a few silence oils left, anyway. Didn't need any of the holy water, which I guess is a good thing... and I did pay Nabi back for this belt, but... um. I'm kinda off topic, huh?

It's cold, it's wet, and I'm not leaving without the stupid map.


...I wanna go home. I promised my moogle I'd bring back a power bow and a beetle ring... AYA COME GET ME! >_< OR NABIKI. OR ANIKO OR SOMETHING.




Sep. 2nd, 2005 06:49 pm
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I walked out of my Rent-a-Room in Jeuno this afternoon, ready to go do something. I checked the Linkshell, but Aniko was in a party and I have no idea who that other person was. I've never heard of them before.

I couldn't get a hold of Nabi, Crytuf, Nehima, Nomii, Ki, or Ayarei... The only person I was able to find was Aniko, and, like I said, she was... busy. It wouldn't really be fair to ask her to leave to go do stuff with me.

I mean, we keep... making plans to do stuff, anyway. By now I'm pretty sure we'll never actually get to any of them.

I could go and party, but that really doesn't have a lot of appeal to me. I'd rather go out exploring, or play with my friends, and... heh. None of them are ever available.

I'd call Raka again, but honestly, I'm sure she has better stuff to do with her life than entertain me.

...nng. I guess I'm just sulking. Or something. I'm going back to my Rent-a-Room now. Maybe my moogle will want to... play cards or something. I could just go back to sleep, too...

~Hisi M.
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Ranty-rant? )

Did that make any sense?


RANK 5!!!!

Mar. 30th, 2005 02:29 am
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Heehee! ^^ Pastey has a really strong friend who was willing to do a Magicite run (or three). So, one amazing black mage took five of us through several Instant Death areas. No one even got hurt, much. I got rank 5! ^_^ To celebrate, I rode the airship back home to San d'Oria, since I needed to be there anyway. The King had been attacked! It wasn't anything serious, I guess... I don't know. Vana'diel is just becoming weirder and weirder every day.

... )

...Erm, yeah. In theory, I'll have another Promyvion-Dem run to whine about soon. We'll probably fail again. X.x ...Our white mage had better show up this time. Grah. Nothing like a quest that never even gets off the ground and all...

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Shit, you guys.



Davoi - La Vaule, whatever - is burning.

And it's not lost yet, but just... shit, okay?

I'm not even trying to pretend it's the smoke irritating my eyes.


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