Jun. 9th, 2005 02:37 am
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Ded. )

...I woke up in a strange place I've never seen before. But that vortex in the dunes? I found it's match, because there was one there and when I got close to it I somehow ended up back in Valkurm.

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We wants it beat! ;-;

Also, there is a need of gil...

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The rumored second hardest-or tied with Holla for most difficult Promyvion. Two nights ago. Nabiki's been wanting me (why is it always me?) to start a party for it, as it's her last, and I finally caved.

I'm broke because of this one... )

I tried Dem again last night with basically the same party - same set-up, different white mage, and one different (but very experienced) ranger. We should have been fine, but, as Dem hates me, though we actually got to the top without a mass party wipe (first time), the boss randomly killed us all when it was nearly dead. As usual.

0/6, is it now, Dem? You're a bastard, you know that?

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I'll talk about it now. ^^ A few days ago, I was in a party that tried to complete Promyvion-Holla. We had a good set-up: warrior, warrior, ranger, ranger, white mage, black mage. We got to the top of the tower without any deaths, and even got the top monster down to almost dead when our poison potions wore off. The thing has an area-sleep attack which covers basically the entire room. Well, we all ended up dead from that after staying asleep on our feet for a good five minutes. We couldn't get in the last blow or so needed to kill him. It was depressing. We decided to try again the next night.

So, night comes, and our white mage hasn't shown up. Nabiki, I knew, needed Holla, so I got her to join us. We all arrived and entered Promyvion, only to find Aniko had managed to forget her weapon. She goes back into La Theine... finally gets to Jeuno and gets her weapon, then tries to get a tele back to Holla. The white mage brought her to Mea, instead. She then wouldn't tell us who the white mage was, so now I'm afraid to try and get a tele. I don't have enough gil to waste it like that... Though, to be honest, I wonder if she was offering 500G. The base price has risen to 1k, but a lot of people won't accept it and still try to get one for 500. Since the price everything else has risen, I think it's only fair that the white mages are given more for teleporting services. I mean, people seem to think it's the job of the mages to teleport them around the world, but it's not.

Besides. You are the ones placing the scrolls the mages need on the Auction House for ridiculous amounts of gil. Then you complain because the mages don't have the spell? Grow up. Just because yours is the only scroll on auction is no excuse for you to raise the price, and certainly not by a million - or more - gil! Annoying brats. ....Wow, tangent.

Anyway, we all finally get together and head up. We were aggro'd by a Weeper on the third floor, and one of the two rangers and I were both knocked out by it. The Notorious Monster, who had blocked our path the day before, was there still, and we had to wait a long time for him to move so we could reach the Memory Receptacle. We were at least lucky in respect to the MRs, because every one we killed revealed the path ahead. Sometimes you have to kill two or three before finding the correct one.

On the fourth floor, Aniko was killed, and the rest if us ran crazy-like for the tower's entrance, since someone else had engaged it (I don't know who), so when it died, it came after us. We all made it without further incident, though, and recovered Ani. We healed up in the room, then headed into the battle. This time, we all had three poison potions instead of just one or two, and no animas, but we ended up not needing them. It went down quickly, and I finally completed a Promyvion! ^_^ Holla is supposed to be the hardest of the three, so hopefully I'll have better luck with Dem next time I try it. Nabiki wants me to set up a Mea run, but I said I wasn't going to... It's way too much of a hassle, and I don't think she's ever set one up. I told her to do it...

But, yay! Two more, and maybe I'll finally understand what's going on!

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LAST NIGHT! I got through Promyvion-Holla! ^_^

By "many," I mean the entire party.

Too tired to bother with anything else right now.

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Dem Take Two. )

I've been dying a lot lately.



Mar. 13th, 2005 11:40 pm
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That was what happened today. Many times. Four knock outs on my count, three for all but one other member of my party. Yeah, Nabiki only had two. But that's a good thing.

Explorations in Promyvion-Dem )

It was scary. ;;

...Flee-Suicide was probably one of the most terrifying things I've ever done...

You never know if the thing's going to move in and finish you off or simply move on, since you're no longer a threat of any kind.



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