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Okay, guys, I am a little scared. Weird things are going on in San d'Oria - Aya, you've probably heard some of it, but Ki, I don't think you would have.

Anyway, the Royal Family keeps calling a bunch of Adventurers in and for whatever reason, I'm one of them. I have flown up in Rank. I'm at NINE.

And right now I'm Fauregandi in one of those crag-like structures and the Princes - who are up here, as well! - are about to start fighting some Orcs, and my little group (Aniko is with me) is just discussing some strategy before throwing ourselves into the fray. I am so, so nervous.

Because this is huge and if we fail, it's gonna be really, really bad. :x


Dec. 17th, 2007 02:57 am
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I am Rank 6!

I SAVE THE WORLD! Only not really. Whatever.

CRAZINESS, GUYS! Aniko and Nabiki and some other people I don't know and I all tromped up to the North and ran around and did things and fought stuff! Like skeletons. Lots of skeletons.

Trion still looks like a moron.


Maybe I will say more later! \o_@/


RANK 5!!!!

Mar. 30th, 2005 02:29 am
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Heehee! ^^ Pastey has a really strong friend who was willing to do a Magicite run (or three). So, one amazing black mage took five of us through several Instant Death areas. No one even got hurt, much. I got rank 5! ^_^ To celebrate, I rode the airship back home to San d'Oria, since I needed to be there anyway. The King had been attacked! It wasn't anything serious, I guess... I don't know. Vana'diel is just becoming weirder and weirder every day.

... )

...Erm, yeah. In theory, I'll have another Promyvion-Dem run to whine about soon. We'll probably fail again. X.x ...Our white mage had better show up this time. Grah. Nothing like a quest that never even gets off the ground and all...


RANK 4!!!!

Nov. 11th, 2004 06:43 pm
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Nabiki helped me climb the tower - up and up and up we went (and I'm very broke from buying the prism powders and silent oils *weep*). Then we joined with a white mage and a warrior (also climbing Delkfutt's Tower) and so all the money I threw down was waaaasted.... This makes me weep. But then I remember that I made it to the top without dying (although I came very, very close once >.>) and am rank 4 and then I stop weeping, because rank 4 is awesome.

Mostly because it's one away from rank 5 and not because it actually lets me do anything.

Rank 4! XD

Though I'd like to add that I must have set the record for number of Mog House location changes (about 24) and trips between San d'Oria and Jeuno (12 - that's there and back trips, not just one way) in the past 24 hours. Honestly. If I never ride a chocobo again... >.>

Except I kinda have to if I ever want to leave Jeuno for someplace other than Kazham.



Apr. 14th, 2004 09:25 pm
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It's dead! It's dead! IT'S REALLY, REALLY DEAD!!!!! I killed the dragon! Whoo!!!

Okay, no, my party member killed it, but, really, who cares?! It died! I finally got it done!!

My linkshell member never came, but just as I was going to give up and leave, a party ran by with only five people in it, so I joined with them.

I love you all, people in the party! ^_^ Yay!!

I'd been in the mines for over two weeks... I was mildly surprised when I entered Bastok (at midday) that my eyes didn't fall out or something...

Ahh!! It's DEAD!!!



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