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2008-06-08 12:27 am


Things Hisime Did Not Realize Were Actually Possible:

- Time Travel
- winning a Besieged event with ALL GENERALS DOWN

Of course, then Najelith (who got nabbed by the Undead earlier) and her rescue squad turned up just as the Mamool Ja ran off, and they were too freaked out to, you know, clear the hall out, so then a bunch of us got locked inside and had to take a really tiny, dark passage to escape. Ugh.

BUT NO REALLY! We managed to hold off a massive army of Mamool Ja for a good while! IT WAS AWESOME.
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2008-05-23 09:59 pm
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She's all big now...


I took Agate out riding yesterday! It was... I dunno, weird, on one hand.



Um, yes! So I got some tree cuttings off a big blue thing that I can't ever spell the name of a bit back, and since I'd had to buy some new pots to grow Agate's food and wasn't using them anymore, anyway, I decided to see what they'd give me!

And now I have a pulsing, glowing mini-tree in my Mog House.

It's weird.
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2008-03-30 12:02 am
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My baby!

So you all probably know this but I threw myself into the thing where they let Adventurers raise chocobos now!

AND OKAY so maybe I've been completely obsessing over my egg the last few days.

But it hatched today! And, eee! It's a little female and she's so cute. Seriously, this is the cutest chocobo I have ever seen in my life. And I have seen A LOT of chocobos!

I have named her Agate!

Here she is being really adorable!

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2008-03-18 02:49 pm
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The Egg Hunt is on again! I kind of hate this event! Because I can't not do it! But it eats up all my time and also some of my gil, since the Moogle never gives you an F or an A egg, and how can you spell RONFA without F or A, I ask you?! YOU CAN'T! So you buy them!

Fortunately, the bazaars aren't selling them for too much this time!

SO GUYS. There are new eggs this year! ... Furnishing eggs, not letter eggs. XD NO, HAY, THE MOOGLES INVENTED NEW LETTERS AND PUT THEM ON THE BIRD EGGS.

Um. Anyway! The San d'Orian one - the Melodious Egg! - plays a little tune at like 6 in the morning. Maybe at other times, too, but that's the only time I've been in to hear it. The new Bastok Egg's called the Clockwork egg and it is a clock. CLEVER NAME! So now I have two clocks! And two noise-makers. Though one noise-maker is also a clock.

Honestly, I like the clock better than the eggs.

And the new Windurst one is called a Hatchling Egg and it stares at you all day it never STOPS and its eyes follow you and it's ... eerie kinda. Also, it makes like a cawing noise or something and scares me when I don't expect it. I RECOMMEND THIS ONE LEAST. :x

But I finished with all that, and now I'm helping Nabi hunt things again!
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2008-03-12 01:19 am

So I think I can dance.

SEE MY MAD DANCIN' SKILLZ. Though, I note, you all got your own, too, hee.

Those idiots in Norg, who I should not be speaking such of as they will undoubtedly tie my tail in a knot, have finally decided to share their sneaky, sneaky stealth with us lowly adventurers.

I can be quiet-walky now. YAY ME! Now I can hang up my mage hat. Or possibly set it on fire. Using the fireplace, not my own skills. Because I kind of have a notable lack of those.

ANYWAY, been helping Nabi out a bit, getting items! FUN. (CONGRATULATE HER.) I am back in Konschtat hunting sheep-like creatures again. I keep looking at the sheep. We are supposed to be looking for rams. It is a bit annoying and I feel very silly!

Also, I have been spending a bit of time over in Al Zahbi! It's kind of cool, since I got mercenary status! Naja scares me witless, though. Stay away from her. The Beastmen - as you all know, yes? - invade town pretty regularly, so we ADVENTURERS OF AWESOME show up and help beat them back away! It's kind of terrifying, but kind of fun! I nearly get killed a lot.

Also, I bought new pants.

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2007-12-20 11:30 pm
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Very Little Time

Okay, guys, I am a little scared. Weird things are going on in San d'Oria - Aya, you've probably heard some of it, but Ki, I don't think you would have.

Anyway, the Royal Family keeps calling a bunch of Adventurers in and for whatever reason, I'm one of them. I have flown up in Rank. I'm at NINE.

And right now I'm Fauregandi in one of those crag-like structures and the Princes - who are up here, as well! - are about to start fighting some Orcs, and my little group (Aniko is with me) is just discussing some strategy before throwing ourselves into the fray. I am so, so nervous.

Because this is huge and if we fail, it's gonna be really, really bad. :x
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2007-12-17 02:57 am


I am Rank 6!

I SAVE THE WORLD! Only not really. Whatever.

CRAZINESS, GUYS! Aniko and Nabiki and some other people I don't know and I all tromped up to the North and ran around and did things and fought stuff! Like skeletons. Lots of skeletons.

Trion still looks like a moron.


Maybe I will say more later! \o_@/

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2007-11-26 04:25 pm

Look who is back!

Through nothing short of a miracle, I caught up with Nabiki in Jugner! We, uh. We couldn't get through Jugner on account of it being a giant Orc stronghold and all. I didn't know they had a massive wall throughout the entire place!

But fortunately, there is another area that we cut through! It was very pretty! I wonder what happened to it. Something to look into. Maybe it blew up, I dunno.

So we made it to San d'Oria - and that was disorienting, let me tell you? We exited through Jugner on the far side of the lake - without swimming across or anything, before you ask! - and found ourselves in East Ronfaure instead of King Ranperre's Tomb like we'd been expecting.

Uh... made it to town despite everything and ended up being recruited... went out and collected scrap parts! From, er, an early version of an airship, would be my guess. This is so weird.


Er, anyway, I was poking around Ronfaure (there is no West Ronfaure!) and found another one of those maws and... whoo!

I knew I was back right away. The lack of giant craters everywhere was a bit of a giveaway.


But now I am supposed to go make an idiot of myself for the Dancer Troupe person thing. I honestly do not know why I am doing this.
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2007-10-27 01:51 pm
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Harvest Fest returns again!

Yes, it is that wonderful time of year yet again, everyone!


Also, those Dark Lily ghosts are back again. The, uh, exorcist or whoevers last year didn't do so great of a job, did they?

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2007-08-21 08:25 pm




... aidfeldkdmg
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2007-06-04 11:26 pm


I cannot believe I completely forgot to mention the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign! Well, uh, it came and it went away again, but as far as I know, you all knew about it anyway!

So we all got shiny and awesome rings!

BUT THE BEST NEWS IS THAT I FINALLY GOT A CERTIFICATE TO TACK ON MY WALL. Look, see? It is so pretty! And awesome! And nifty!


Oh, yes. Grozoth and I went over to Bibiki Bay a while back, but he was kind of an idiot and attacked that giant, nasty, shell-living-in-thing... it beat him up a lot, so then we mostly sat around and waited for Aniko to show up. I danced around with the Mithra watching the docks, because we are practically twins (well, er, she dresses way different and talks different and acts different, but we look a lot alike) and it was all fun, for the most part.
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2007-03-04 03:20 am
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Doll Festival

This damn fest gets lamer every year.

...yes, the damn is necessary.
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2006-11-06 08:47 pm
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Happy birthday to me~



I'd say let's do something, but I'm so very busy these days! So instead everyone make sure you have fun today or something. Possibly I will send you all cookies later.
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2006-10-17 04:29 pm

Lookit what I got!

I've wanted this outfit foreeeveeer.

Isn't it pretty? )

I have to thank Aniko for it, 'cause she pretty much did all the work, but eee! So nice!
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2006-10-16 11:33 pm


So, uh... it's not summer anymore! Good to see we're all up to so much around here. eheh.

The Harvest Festival's coming up soon, guys! I hear that they've got a new event for it, so now you can get pumpkin hats and bat staves and pitchforks and maybe even something else, plus play a game! Winning all around!

...I really like the taste in the air around San d'Oria this time of year. Crisp and cool, but without that bite it gets around winter. ... Fresh, I guess. Man, I sound like Ayarei or something!

So, yeah! Hope to see you guys around in a few days for the festival! It's been too long since we all got together and made total idiots of ourselves. :D

Also, met a nice person a while ago. She was lost or something. Also, she had pretty flowers. :3
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2006-05-07 12:12 am


Haha, guess I can't complain about you guys never saying anything, since I'm just faster than both of you! Both of you combined, even!! >D



The whole thing was a lot of fun! ^^ I borrowed an outfit from Nabiki, since I don't have anything nice (and don't look good in any of the nice stuff, anyway. @_@) and since Ayarei was wearing the chain mail (which is like the only nice thing any of us own). Ki looks good in anything, but I still think it's funny that she wore her regular outfit. ^_^

So we all gathered outside the Tanner's Guild in South San d'Oria and stuff, and then we formed two lines and walked up to the Manor back there and sat on the grass... I ended up next to Nabiki.

The ceremony was your usual wedding-thing and stuff. Then we all went to Aht Urhgan to the hostel!

There were a lot of us there. I think at least eighteen. More, even! But we all got lots of really, really good food and desserts and drinks! Then we all hung out and acted like idiots! It was fun! XD

So, yes! Congrats, you two! Even though I don't really know Shadowfox! ^_^;
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2006-05-05 05:23 pm
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Holy Cheval!


So you've all heard by now, but wow, I am still kind of surprised. Who all is going to be at the ceremony tomorrow, anyway? I know I will be there, and Aya and Ki, of course. I think Nabi is, as well. Probably Onai, too? Obviously Aniko will be there!

I have to find a Dangruf stone. Then I need to get back to San d'Oria!

And find something. I don't own anything nice! And I need many nice things! ahaha, and I need a thing. @_@


aaack I gotta go get stuff done! ack ack ack
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2006-04-24 10:07 am
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Busy as ever!

I was actually a thief-y-type person! o.O; I helped Luto Mewrilah and Miledo-Shiraddo steal some gold from some jerk-guy in Bastok! ...Don't tell!

See, the jerk-guy asked me to chase away some guy who was hanging out the Goddess Temple (but it's public space! And the only temple in the city!) in the Metalworks, but when I got there to look around, Miledo-Shiraddo showed up! It was actually kinda fun, but I was very nervous that one of the guards in the area was gonna catch on to us and throw us all into jail. x.x

Anyway, they got their gold and the jerk-guy was annoyed, but since the guy was gone, he gave me a reward, anyway. I got a Key Ring Belt!

I feel oddly Not Guilty about the whole thing.

Also, Nabiki and I went and got a bunch of items for the guy in the Tenshodo and he gave us passes so we can get on the new boats in Mhaura! hee~

So now I am waiting for Nabiki to be ready to go, 'cause, you know, Nabi's my friend! So we should go together! ^_^

'Specially since Nabiki is like the only person I can do new things with, since everyone else has either done it all already or has disappeared.

...And, um, hey, on that note, does anyone know what happened to Nehima? I haven't seen her in a very long time, so I'm a little worried.

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2006-04-09 04:27 pm

So, I have been busy!

See, I wanted to get Nabiki a nice gift, but what could Nabi possibly need? Well, we all know Nabi has been working as a bard recently, right? She's got all sorts of nifty bard stuff! But you know that Mary's Horn thing, that has to be made from that rare type of sheep in the highlands? I didn't think she had one, so I decided to try and get one for her!

Of course, the sheep looks almost the same as all the other ones, so it's kinda just dumb luck, and even if you do find one, the horns have to be in good condition.

So I figured I'd go for either that or gil, since sheep leather, which you can make from sheep skins, sells really well and is easy to make. I mean, I was going on, like, sheep genocide here, so sheep skins weren't gonna be a problem.

And then I pitched camp in Konschtat and never left ever again! =D

Actually~ I spent a lot of time killing sheep and stuff. I made over 400k off those stupid skins! Well, leather. Whichever.

BUT! The best part is that I found the special sheep! Twice, even, but it only had a good horn the first time. And Nabiki even didn't have it! I hope she was very happy to get it. ^_^

So that if what I have been up to. Now I must go stalk out the eggs the Moogles are giving everyone, 'cause hey! Nifty stuff! =D
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2006-04-04 02:49 am
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I like surprises!

Don't you? =D

That was a good surprise, that. Lucky~