Oct. 16th, 2006 11:33 pm
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So, uh... it's not summer anymore! Good to see we're all up to so much around here. eheh.

The Harvest Festival's coming up soon, guys! I hear that they've got a new event for it, so now you can get pumpkin hats and bat staves and pitchforks and maybe even something else, plus play a game! Winning all around!

...I really like the taste in the air around San d'Oria this time of year. Crisp and cool, but without that bite it gets around winter. ... Fresh, I guess. Man, I sound like Ayarei or something!

So, yeah! Hope to see you guys around in a few days for the festival! It's been too long since we all got together and made total idiots of ourselves. :D

Also, met a nice person a while ago. She was lost or something. Also, she had pretty flowers. :3
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All righty, so I've been doing a pretty miserable job of being an adventurer lately, huh? eheh!

So, people are being allowed to raise their own chocobos! I want to get my own, but I don't know how well I'd be able to take care of it. Can I raise it in San d'Oria, or would I have to be in Jeuno? 'Cause I don't really like Jeuno. Sure, good place to visit, but it's so crowded! The view is very nice, though.

Nehima and I were supposed to make plans to do some stuff together, but, well... I don't think we will. That is okay, though! I know she has other things to do! Me, I want to keep practicing my ninjutsu, maybe get half-decent at it. I don't like it, but I know it really helps me, so I try not to complain too, too much.

Nabiki's been busy and Zied's shown up again. Crytuf retired. Not sure why. Maybe she got sick of Shadowlotus's mocking. XD Though I can kind of relate to getting sick of all the stuff we have to deal with as adventurers. It can get annoying! Guards talking down to you, always being broke... It's fun, though, so I can't ever imagine actually giving it all up. Taking breaks is nice sometimes, though.

But there is a problem with taking breaks! I am kind of broke! If you don't go out and earn your gil, obviously, you run out! Need to go farming again, but I kinda want to start / pick up clothcraft again. I liked what I did of it, I just ... kinda stopped for some reason. Not sure why?

Actually, Nabi and Zied and I went out worm hunting a while ago. We got some stuff that'll sell, but I don't know if it's been put up yet. Zied's even lazier than me sometimes!

So! I am going to try and get off my lazy tail (I am getting a little fat!!*) and get back to life! Wish me luck! :D

* this is a lie
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Summerfest The Sunbreeze Festival is coming up soon! I hope everyone has their yukata and swimsuits out and is ready to have some fun! Fireworks! Music! Moogle events! Hurray!

Also, I have a model airship. It is small and neat and it sits in my house and the propellers spin. Most spiffy!

Oh, hey!

Jul. 11th, 2006 12:19 pm
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So, um, apparently there is a world outside of my mog house that consists of things other than the Auction House and the path from point a (being the mog house) and point b (being the auction house). Look, I am alive!

...Anyway, this is all incredibly late news, and I'm sure you've all heard it all already, but yeah. Pastey is back! I know - I got a letter from him! Cool, huh? =D

Also, happy millenium, even though that was like... a while ago or something. x_x;

Yeah. Gonna go do stuff now.


May. 7th, 2006 12:12 am
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Haha, guess I can't complain about you guys never saying anything, since I'm just faster than both of you! Both of you combined, even!! >D



The whole thing was a lot of fun! ^^ I borrowed an outfit from Nabiki, since I don't have anything nice (and don't look good in any of the nice stuff, anyway. @_@) and since Ayarei was wearing the chain mail (which is like the only nice thing any of us own). Ki looks good in anything, but I still think it's funny that she wore her regular outfit. ^_^

So we all gathered outside the Tanner's Guild in South San d'Oria and stuff, and then we formed two lines and walked up to the Manor back there and sat on the grass... I ended up next to Nabiki.

The ceremony was your usual wedding-thing and stuff. Then we all went to Aht Urhgan to the hostel!

There were a lot of us there. I think at least eighteen. More, even! But we all got lots of really, really good food and desserts and drinks! Then we all hung out and acted like idiots! It was fun! XD

So, yes! Congrats, you two! Even though I don't really know Shadowfox! ^_^;
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So you've all heard by now, but wow, I am still kind of surprised. Who all is going to be at the ceremony tomorrow, anyway? I know I will be there, and Aya and Ki, of course. I think Nabi is, as well. Probably Onai, too? Obviously Aniko will be there!

I have to find a Dangruf stone. Then I need to get back to San d'Oria!

And find something. I don't own anything nice! And I need many nice things! ahaha, and I need a thing. @_@


aaack I gotta go get stuff done! ack ack ack
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I was actually a thief-y-type person! o.O; I helped Luto Mewrilah and Miledo-Shiraddo steal some gold from some jerk-guy in Bastok! ...Don't tell!

See, the jerk-guy asked me to chase away some guy who was hanging out the Goddess Temple (but it's public space! And the only temple in the city!) in the Metalworks, but when I got there to look around, Miledo-Shiraddo showed up! It was actually kinda fun, but I was very nervous that one of the guards in the area was gonna catch on to us and throw us all into jail. x.x

Anyway, they got their gold and the jerk-guy was annoyed, but since the guy was gone, he gave me a reward, anyway. I got a Key Ring Belt!

I feel oddly Not Guilty about the whole thing.

Also, Nabiki and I went and got a bunch of items for the guy in the Tenshodo and he gave us passes so we can get on the new boats in Mhaura! hee~

So now I am waiting for Nabiki to be ready to go, 'cause, you know, Nabi's my friend! So we should go together! ^_^

'Specially since Nabiki is like the only person I can do new things with, since everyone else has either done it all already or has disappeared.

...And, um, hey, on that note, does anyone know what happened to Nehima? I haven't seen her in a very long time, so I'm a little worried.

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See, I wanted to get Nabiki a nice gift, but what could Nabi possibly need? Well, we all know Nabi has been working as a bard recently, right? She's got all sorts of nifty bard stuff! But you know that Mary's Horn thing, that has to be made from that rare type of sheep in the highlands? I didn't think she had one, so I decided to try and get one for her!

Of course, the sheep looks almost the same as all the other ones, so it's kinda just dumb luck, and even if you do find one, the horns have to be in good condition.

So I figured I'd go for either that or gil, since sheep leather, which you can make from sheep skins, sells really well and is easy to make. I mean, I was going on, like, sheep genocide here, so sheep skins weren't gonna be a problem.

And then I pitched camp in Konschtat and never left ever again! =D

Actually~ I spent a lot of time killing sheep and stuff. I made over 400k off those stupid skins! Well, leather. Whichever.

BUT! The best part is that I found the special sheep! Twice, even, but it only had a good horn the first time. And Nabiki even didn't have it! I hope she was very happy to get it. ^_^

So that if what I have been up to. Now I must go stalk out the eggs the Moogles are giving everyone, 'cause hey! Nifty stuff! =D
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Don't you? =D

That was a good surprise, that. Lucky~


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Happy birthday to Aya! She's older now!

I dun remember her exact age and I don't think she cares too much, anyway, but, yay, Aya!
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In other words, I went on an adventure!

Yay! )

So, yeah... long, very confusing day(s).

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Ani should maybe avoid using him for a while. XD

Angry Water God! )

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However, it is a long story and I shall have to tell it later.

For now I am leaving you with an image of what happens when you say you think Shiva is better than Leviathan in the presence of said avatar.

He heard you, Ani~ )

So, I wouldn't recommend it. XP


Jan. 23rd, 2006 12:43 am
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I just don't have aaaaany energy these days. I don't even leave my mog house... -.- Is it the weather? Maybe I've just been too busy lately or something...

Is anyone else just laaaazy tired these days, or is it just me? Maybe I'm sick. I dunno...


I'm back!

Jan. 18th, 2006 12:05 pm
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Wow, guys... I get up and check my delivery box for the first time in a few weeks and, woah!

That is a lot of gil. One million gil!

What am I even gonna do with all that?!

Oh, it was from Pastey, I guess, since he doesn't need all his gil anymore, but still, wow.

So, yeah, talk to me, guys. I'm bored again! =D

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I didn't get to say goodbye to Pastey one more time and now he is gone. ...I feel really bad about that.

But it is a new year now, and I guess I should be looking forward instead of back. Or something.

Anyone making any resolutions?

I want to try and buckle down a little more, take my life as an adventurer more seriously. Not be more serious, but be more serious about my life. Does that make any sense? I know what I mean, anyway.

Anyway, I think I'm going to take a break for a little while, even though I just said I want to be more serious. New year or not, Pastey is a good friend and he will be missed here, and I am going to take a few days off to reflect on things.

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"I'm sending out my last mssges to all my friends in game. Quitting in a couple of days. Im gonna miss hearing the lot of us babble in ls.

I'll still be calling Ani, but I can't be there to constantly encourage her anymore. Take care of her and urself. bye byez"

Noooo! He's leaving! Who will pursue the laughing monkeys with a vengeance now?! Who will randomly announce things over the LS?!

Pastey, we will all miss you...! ;-;


Dec. 14th, 2005 01:40 am
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A thing!

Aniko has a friend! He is having her hold some things for him for a long time!

She is asking if I can be borrowing the things and his answer is yes!



Dec. 12th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Guys, hey! The lights are up! Kihara, they put up the lights!! They're so pretty! You must go see them right now! EVERYONE! GET TO TOWN AND SEE THE LIGHTS RIGHT NOW!

Aaand I overheard stuff today! They... they've discovered a new mage class! People have learned skills that the monsters can use! They're calling it a blue mage! why blue? o_O

...and the imps we've heard about from the last war, the Shadow Lord's messengers? Back. Other things, too, but I don't remember what!

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The moogles are going to put together an event this year! Not just the smilebringers, but a moogle event!

I can't wait! =D


I have been hearing some rumors drifting around of another continent...? I know the moogles travel the globe, but... are they actually trying to establish connections with other areas of Vana'diel? o.o

~Hisi =D


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