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The Egg Hunt is on again! I kind of hate this event! Because I can't not do it! But it eats up all my time and also some of my gil, since the Moogle never gives you an F or an A egg, and how can you spell RONFA without F or A, I ask you?! YOU CAN'T! So you buy them!

Fortunately, the bazaars aren't selling them for too much this time!

SO GUYS. There are new eggs this year! ... Furnishing eggs, not letter eggs. XD NO, HAY, THE MOOGLES INVENTED NEW LETTERS AND PUT THEM ON THE BIRD EGGS.

Um. Anyway! The San d'Orian one - the Melodious Egg! - plays a little tune at like 6 in the morning. Maybe at other times, too, but that's the only time I've been in to hear it. The new Bastok Egg's called the Clockwork egg and it is a clock. CLEVER NAME! So now I have two clocks! And two noise-makers. Though one noise-maker is also a clock.

Honestly, I like the clock better than the eggs.

And the new Windurst one is called a Hatchling Egg and it stares at you all day it never STOPS and its eyes follow you and it's ... eerie kinda. Also, it makes like a cawing noise or something and scares me when I don't expect it. I RECOMMEND THIS ONE LEAST. :x

But I finished with all that, and now I'm helping Nabi hunt things again!

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