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I was actually a thief-y-type person! o.O; I helped Luto Mewrilah and Miledo-Shiraddo steal some gold from some jerk-guy in Bastok! ...Don't tell!

See, the jerk-guy asked me to chase away some guy who was hanging out the Goddess Temple (but it's public space! And the only temple in the city!) in the Metalworks, but when I got there to look around, Miledo-Shiraddo showed up! It was actually kinda fun, but I was very nervous that one of the guards in the area was gonna catch on to us and throw us all into jail. x.x

Anyway, they got their gold and the jerk-guy was annoyed, but since the guy was gone, he gave me a reward, anyway. I got a Key Ring Belt!

I feel oddly Not Guilty about the whole thing.

Also, Nabiki and I went and got a bunch of items for the guy in the Tenshodo and he gave us passes so we can get on the new boats in Mhaura! hee~

So now I am waiting for Nabiki to be ready to go, 'cause, you know, Nabi's my friend! So we should go together! ^_^

'Specially since Nabiki is like the only person I can do new things with, since everyone else has either done it all already or has disappeared.

...And, um, hey, on that note, does anyone know what happened to Nehima? I haven't seen her in a very long time, so I'm a little worried.


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